Ramakrishna Math, Koyilandy
Ramakrishna Math, Koyilandy
A Branch Centre of Ramakrishna Mission, Belur Math


Diwali Celebrated & Welfare Activities done on 4th November 2021

We celebrated kali puja yesterday (4th Nov) by placing a picture of Maa Kali in our shrine. After evening arati of Sri Ramakrishna Bhajans, Pushpanjali and Arati were duly performed.  At the end of the  puja, 60 devotees took prasad.

We chose this occasion to  give scholarships to 4 poor students. One of them is an MBBS student and the others are college students. 

This apart we  distributed  dresses to 20 impoverished children.

Sarees distributed at Koyilandy

On the Holy occasion of Navaratri we distributed 50 nos of sarees to poor women on the  Maha  ashtami day, the 13th October, 2021. They belong to various pockets of the foothills from Koyilandy village, Kozhikode district. 

Celebrated Sri Krishna Janmashtami 30th Aug 2021

We celebrated Sri Krishna Janmashtami in our Ashrama on Monday, the 30th August, 2021.  We had Bhagavat Gita chanting of all chapters in the morning.  Sri Krishna Puja was performed followed by  sandhya arathi  at 7pm after which we had Bhajans and  Pushpanjali. At the end prasad was distributed to about 20 devotees.

Onam Celebrated on 20th Aug 2021

We celebrated Onam, the core festival of Keralites on Friday the 20th August, 2021.  This is chiefly to  commemorate King Mahabali, whose spirit is believed to grace this auspicious occasion personally. 

The programme began with prayers followed by bhajans etc at the Ashrama shrine with few students and teachers. On this auspicious day we distributed bed sheets to the few local volunteers. After concluding, prasad was distributed to the GAP students, Teachers, a few devotees and volunteers.

75th independence day celebrated

Today 15th August, the Sunday 2021, being the 75th Independence Day we celebrated the same at our Ashrama premises. A few Gadadhar Abhyudaya Prakalpa (GAP) students and teachers were present.

National flag was hoisted by Swami Sundarananda followed by a speech and a short cultural activity by the students. Program was concluded with the National anthem and we distributed prasad to all the participants.

Nutritious food distributed of Covid-19

As the 3rd wave of COVID-19 is expected to hit us and particularly Children are more prone to it, we distributed Nutritious kits to 125 tribal children from villages of Kannur and Kozhikode districts on 27th July and 1st August, 2021 respectively.  Each kit contained one box of Chyawanprash, half kg Milk powder and half kg Dates.

Study materials distributed to the Primary schools

On request of the Headmasters, we have distributed study materials on 2nd, 5th & 6th of July 2021 containing notebooks, pens and geometry boxes to 404 poor students of 6 primary schools in our locality.

Note:- 06 Notebooks, 02Pens & 01Geometry Box @ ₹116/- per student

Name of School No of Students
Chengottukave East U.P. School 60
GFUP School, Koyilandy
Polkave High School
Vivekananda Vidyalaya UP School, Chemichery 70
Govt. Vocational Higher Secondary School (Boys)
Vidyaniketan UP School 57
Total Amount404

Puja, Bhajans, Homa and Memorial Meeting of Srimath Swami Shivamayanandaji Maharaj

In connection with the Mahasamadhi of Most Revered Srimath Swami  Shivamayanandaji Maharaj on the 11th June,  we  performed a special ceremony at our Ashrama today, 23rd June 2021.

This began with mangalarati followed by   Puja, Bhajans, Homa and Bhogarati. Thereafter we had a Memorial Meeting in virtual live. Swami Narashimhanandaji Maharaj, Secretary of Ramakrishna Mission sevashram, Kozhikode and Swami Nandatmajanandaji Maharaj, editor of Prabuddha keralam shared their  thoughts and reminiscences about Most Revered Maharaj. Around 30 of us took Prasad along with 2  Swamijis from Ramakrishna Mission sevashram, Kozhikode.

Apart from live streaming, all programs were uploaded in the “Ramakrishna Math Koyilandy”  Youtube channel enabling you to watch the same.

Distribute Study Materials for Students

On request of the Headmasters, we have planned to distribute study materials containing notebooks, pens and geometry boxes to poor students of 5 primary schools in our locality worth ₹50,364/-. The tentative quotation of the study materials for each school is as under:-

Note:- 06 Notebooks, 02Pens & 01Geometry Box @ ₹116/- per student

Name of School No of Students Amount (₹)
Chengottukave East U.P. School 60 6960
GFUP School, Koyilandy 65 7540
 Polkave High School 100 11600
Vivekananda Vidyalaya UP School, Chemichery 70 8120
Govt. Vocational Higher Secondary School (Boys) 52 6032
Vidyaniketan UP School 57 6612
Misc. Expenses ------------3,500
Total Amount50,364

                                                                                                   We humbly request you to join hands for the noble endeavor.

Study materials distributed to students

As you are aware that Ramakrishna Math, Koyilandy is running Gadadhar Abhyudaya Prakalpa(GAP) wherein 53 underprivileged students are given free tuition, study materials & daily necessities like nutritious food and toiletries etc.


Since corona pandemic is in virulent form, all are confined to their home and are attending the classes online. 


In the midst of this calamity we have delivered kits containing study materials (for one year), toiletries (for one month) and food packets (for 15 days) for the students straight to their homes.

Celebrated "Phalaharini Kali Puja at  at Koyilandy Math 

We celebrated "Phalaharini Kali puja" at our Ashrama on Wednesday, the 9th June 2021. The puja began after the evening arati followed by bhajans and pushpanjali. At the end of the puja we distributed prasad to around 15 to 16 devotees.

COVID-19 Relief Work at Koyilandy Math

The entire Kerala society is debilitated in view of  lock down followed by acute Covid and also torrential rains.


In order to console them we delivered Kits containing Grocery and vegetables straight to their doors on Friday the 28th May 2021. We started with 20 families who hail from the hilltop and foothill zones of Koyilandy. 


The kits included Rice, Chana dal, Moong dal, Atta, Sugar, Potatoes, Onions, Edible oil, Turmeric powder, Chilly powder and Coriander Powder.

PPE Kits Distributed

        In the wake of Covid-19 second wave, we distributed 20 PPE kits containing masks, gloves and eye protectors etc. to the Panchayat members on Sunday the 23rd May 2021. This will guard them against health or safety risks whatsoever while serving corona patients clustered around the Koyilandy area. 

        No sooner has the triple lock down lifted we have plans to distribute food packets to the families afflicted by Covid.

Second wave of covid-19

In the wake of the second wave of covid-19, many people are virulently affected in and around our area. There are families who are all affected by Corona, no way to go out. In this very critical circumstances we have given provision kits like all types of vegetables, rice, dal & masala to 2 families for 10 days.

Renovation house of a Poor family

        We are glad to inform you that we have taken initiative to renovate & repair a dilapidated house of a very poor family. The owner is mentally challenged and there is no earning member in the family. It is located in the Uttery area in Arikkulam village, Kozikhode district, Kerala, which is around 7 km from our Ashrama.

        In addition a kitchen, water well with motor, bathroom cum toilet with all sanitary fittings were newly constructed.The electrical wiring with all accessories like fan & lights etc. were also done.

        The house was inaugurated on Wednesday, 14th April 2021, the holy occasion of Vishu (Malayalam New Year).

Distributed 08 Tailoring Machines

        On the holy occasion of Dol Purnima day, we distributed 08 tailoring machines to the poor and needy in different villages of Kannur district.

Re-launching of Koyilandy Math Website

        On the holy occasion of Dol Purnima day, Srimat Swami Shivamayanandaji Maharaj has re-launched our website. Maharaj did the re-launching from Kankurgachi Ashrama, online. Revered Maharaj has given a benedictory address on this occasion in virtual mode.


        The previous URL for our website was: www.rkmathkoyilandy.org


                     The new URL for our website is: www.rkmkoyilandy.org


                     This has been done for the convenience of our devotees & donors.

Celebrated 186 Sri Ramakrishna Jayanti . 

         The 186th Tithi Puja of Sri Sri Thakur was celebrated in our Ashrama on Monday, 15th of March 2021. On this Holy occasion, Special Puja & Homa were performed & Anna Bhog was offered to Thakur. Special bhajans were sung by Swapta Swara Singing Group throughout the puja. Cooked Prasad was distributed to more than 150 devotees.

          One of our devotees Shri Shynaj & Shri K Ramakrishnan, Retd. Teacher of Thalassery RAC Higher Secondary School, Kerala, spoke on the Holy Occasion.

Maha Shivaratri Puja observed

        Maha Shivaratri was solemnly observed in our Ashrama on Thursday 11th March (Magha Krishna Chaturdashi).The dashopchar puja started after sandhya arati with the offering of sweets & fruits. The abhisheka of Shiva lingam was done with 4-items by the devotees also. 

        The puja was attended by 25 devotees. In the end, prasad was distributed to devotees and volunteers. 

Tuition fee assistance

        A girl named Deepna T P from the fishermen colony, Koyilandy approached us seeking financial assistance for pursuing her 1st year of MBBS course. Considering her penurious background we have given her a part payment of Rs.15000 by cheque on the 5th of Mar '21 towards tuition and hostel fee along with Holy Mother Sarada Devi and Swami Vivekananda's life and Messages book. She will be joining AL AZHRA medical College and Hospital, Thodupuzha, Idikki- district, Kerala around June 2021.

        In order to motivate her, we have assured of future assistance based on her performance. 

Celebrated 159th Swami Vivekananda Jayanti

            The 159th Tithi Puja of Swami Vivekananda was celebrated in our Ashrama. On the Holy occasion, Special puja & Homa were performed & Anna Bhog was offered to the Holy Trio. Bhajans were sung throughout the puja. Cooked Prasad was distributed to about 100 devotees.

           Mr. Manoj Kumar, Principal of Ramakrishna Mission Sevashram, Higher Secondary School, Kozhikode, spoke on the Holy occasion. The programme was conducted, maintaining the covid-19 protocol.

Organized a Parents meet of Gadadhar Abhyudaya Prakalpa (GAP) On 31st January, 2021

        We organized a meeting for the parents of Gadadhar Abhyudaya Prakalpa (GAP) on Sunday the 31st January, 2021. In view of COVID-19 pandemic we had online classes and monthly tests for the students. As they were confined to home and attending virtual classes, their performance was not satisfactory. In order to give comfort level, we invited both the parents and students for an interaction session guided by 3 teachers. Around 50 parents participated. We distributed Prasad to all at the end.

Celebrated Republic Day on 26th January, 2021.

        We celebrated the 72nd Republic day on 26th January,2021 at our Ashrama premises along with the children of Gadadhar Abhyudaya Prakalpa (GAP). The programme commenced with flag hoisting, followed by patriotic songs, speeches by  GAP students and teachers along with some cultural activities like dance etc.


     It ended with a prasad distribution to the students and all other people present. 

Celebrated national youth day on 12thJanuary, 2021

         The National youth day was celebrated in our Ashrama today in a simple manner. Students of Gadadhar Abhyudaya Prakalpa (GAP) & other local students were invited. The programme started with the singing of prayers followed by speeches from teachers & students. 

      Most Revered Swami Swaprabhanandaji Maharaj, Thiruvananthapuram, spoke on the occasion. In the end, National Anthem & Prasad were distributed to more than 60 people.


        The programme was conducted, maintaining the covid-19 protocol.

Celebrated Holy Mother 168 Jayanti

        The 168th Tithi Puja of Holy Mother Sri Sarada Devi was celebrated in our Ashrama. On the Holy occasion, Special Puja & Homa were performed & Anna Bhog was offered to Holy Mother. Bhajans were sung throughout the puja. Cooked Prasad was distributed to more than 150 devotees.
        Most Revered Swami Swaprabhanandaji Maharaj & Shri Sashidharan, Headmaster of Higher Secondary School, Vadakara spoke on the Holy Occasion.

Celebrated Kalpataru Utsav

        Kalpataru Utsav was celebrated in the Ashrama premises on 1st January, 2021 in the evening in which 72 devotees took part.The programme started with Vedic Chanting followed with reading from The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna & bhajans.

        Swami Narasimhanandaji Maharaj, Secretary of Ramakrishna Mission Sevashram, Kozhikode was the chief guest and spoke on “Sri Ramakrishna Kalpataru”. Swami Swaprabhanandaji Maharaj, Thiruvananthapuram was the Guest of Honour & enlightened us with various insights on the holy occasion.

        The programme was concluded with the closing song & prasad was distributed to all.

Christmas Eve Celebration

        Christmas Eve was celebrated at our math after the evening arati of Sri Sri Thakur on 24th December. Special offerings of cakes, chocolates, fruits, etc. were offered to the Lord on the holy occasion. Carols were sung and the selected portion from The Bible was read out marking the birth of The Lord Jesus Christ.

Divine Mother Kali Puja Celebration

        By the grace of The Divine Mother the festival of lights was celebrated in our Math in a simple way. The Divine Mother Kali was worshiped in picture with dashopchar followed by arati & pushpanjali. Offered prasad was distributed to around 30 devotees. Some snaps are attached in the link below.

Updates of Rashtriya Poshan Maah

        I feel very happy to inform you that we have encouraged the participants of the kitchen garden program held on 27th September.
Based on their growth of the seeds we have given fertilizers & kitchen grow bags to 28 people for further growth of their vegetable garden. These were sponsored by Rotary club of Koyilandy. We have also promised them other necessities for the same in the future. At the end of the program, prasad was distributed.

Rashtriya POSHAN Maah in September 2020

        In accordance with "Observing Rashtriya POSHAN Maah in September 2020", a series of programmes were organised for creating awareness regarding health, nutrition, drinking water, sanitation & addressing environmental issues. These were done in two phases. In the first phase a programme was organised to plant and distribute on 20th September, 2020(Sunday) 300 saplings in different public places like police stations, temple compounds etc.
    In the second phase 2 other programmes were conducted in the morning & evening sessions, the following Sunday i.e. 27th September, 2020.
    In the morning session a programme was conducted which was attended by 19 women. Dr. Varsha (MBBS, M.D.) spoke on issues regarding health & hygiene, nutrition & child care along with sanitation & pure drinking water process. The attendants were given chyawanprash as a health supplement along with food packets and booklets of holy Trio in the end of the programme.
    In another programme for creating awareness and promoting the Kitchen Garden, Mr. Sushil Kunnmmal (Agriculturist) spoke in the evening session which was attended by 33 persons. He addressed issues like kitchen waste management, organic manure processing and enhancing productivity in the vegetable garden. In the end vegetable seeds, food packets and booklets of holy Trio were distributed.
    Both the sessions were conducted maintaining Covid-19 protocols strictly.

Onam Festival at Koyilandy Math

    We celebrated Onam the core festival of Keralites on 31st Aug 2020. This is chiefly to commemorate King Mahabali, whose spirit is believed to grace this auspicious occasion personally.
    We strictly adhered to COVID-19 norms.
    The programme began with prayers followed by bhajans etc at the Ashrama shrine. After concluding, prasad was distributed to the GAP students, a few devotees and volunteers.

COVID-19 Relief Work done for GAP Students

    This is to inform you that the COVID-19 relief work has been conducted by our Ashrama on 13th April. Kits containing food ration for one month that included commodities for 3 meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) a day, were distributed among 57 Gadadhar Abhyudaya Prakalpa students as well as the teachers. All of them are from the coastal area of the Arabian sea.
    The items include:-    Rice- 560 kg, Channa dal 170kg, Sugar- 85 kg, Atta- 110kg, Rava- 85kg, Harlicks- 57 bottles, Moong Dal- 162kg, Turmeric powder- 10kg, Chilli powder 20kg, coconut oil- 60 litrs, Sunflower oil 60 liters. Entire groceries items are sponsored by "GLOBSYN CRYSTALS group, Kolkata".

CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19) Relief Work at Koyilandy

        In the wake of COVID-19 pandemic outbreak all are confined to their homes for long and more particularly laborers on daily wages go through unbearable hardship without jobs. We have identified 40 such families from 3 villages for groceries distribution on 31st March 2020.
        This apart, we have intended supplying sanitizing items to 150 policemen from 2 police stations ( Koyilandy and Atholi).
2nd phase distribution of moong dal and rice kits to 700 families from different villages of Kozhikode district will be taken up in course of time.

Truss Roof opened and Mantra Diksha by Srimath Swami Shivamayanandaji Maharaj

    Most Revered Srimath Swami Shivamayanandaji Maharaj visited our Ashrama for 5 days from 11th March to 16th March, 2020. On this occasion we had the opening of Truss roof over the education building on 12th March in presence of many monks and devotees. We also held a public meeting with the devotees. Swamis Golokanandaji a senior monk from Thiruvananthapuram, Atmaghananandaji of Kanchipuram, Nandatmajanandaji of Thrissur and Vitasanganandaji of Kozhikode had been the speakers. 

    Swami Vinirmuktanandaji Maharaj of Kochi rendered the classical bhajan in the programme. At the end of the celebration we served lunch prasad to about 275 people. On 14th March, Revered Maharaj blessed 93 devotees by giving initiation.

Costumes distributed to the poor people

        We have organized as part of distress relief activities, we took up clothes distribution on the 16th of February, 2020 Sunday for 500 poor families @3 nos at 1 village(Fishermen Colony) in Kozhikode district.

Youth Convention at Koyilandy 2019

    We have organized a youth convention on 16th November, Saturday, 2019 at our Math. Dr.TGK Murty Distinguished Scientist of ISRO, who developed strategic cameras for satellites, received number of awards and author of book Swami vivekananda an intuitive Scientist, Bangalore was the chief guest and main speaker. He gave talk with core values drawn from Swami Vivekananda and achievements of “ISRO”. A video clip on latest ISRO manned mission was presented. 68 plus 2 students from different schools participated. He had also a question answer interaction with the students. All of them participated actively and with abundant enthusiasm .Few parents, devotees and teachers totalling 100 people participated in the program. At the end we served noon Prasad to all participants.

Onam celebration

        Onam is the most popular festival in Kerala and is celebrated with great pomp and show. It is believed to be the National festival of Kerala. Onam is celebrated each year in the Malayalam calendar month of Chingam. In this auspicious connection we have celebrated the same with our GAP students in a pomp solemnity.

        In the midst of the grand celebrations on 10th September, Tuesday, 2019 we have given away 10 nos Sewing machine (Tailoring machines) to the 10 flood Victims in the presence of the students, devotees and admirers. There are inhabitants of different villages in Kozhikode district and these machines will enable them to improve their hand to mouth living condition. At the end of the function we distributed prasadam to all of them.

Celebrated monks' quarters opening ceremony

    On 1st January, 2019, "Ramakrishna Kalpataru Divas", Koyilandy Ashrama, declared opening of the newly built Monks' quarters with 3 rooms in the presence of nearly 26 Monks and Brahmacharis from different branch centers of Kerala. Swami Atmaghanandaji, Adhyaksha of Kanchipuram and Swami Nandatmajanandaji, editor of Prabuddha Keralam were the chief guest and guest of honour respectively. The programme started with an invocation song followed by guideded meditation, bhajans and lectures. We also held a spiritual retreat on Sri Ramakrishna's Kalpataru. At the end of the programme about 470 devotees, parents and others received prasadam.